LiLi Re is a multidisciplinary collective of artists that create projects living at the intersection of contemporary theatre, video and interactive performance.

Our research combines the investigative and the emotional to find our way into the mysterious realm of human nature.

We use non-linear dramaturgy to tell stories that challenge how we relate to our environment. Surroundings, architecture and ambiguous spaces are an inspiration for our projects, often translated into site-specific performances and immersive installations.


PETRA CASALE is a director and a performer from Milan. She studied visual art & performance at IUAV University in Venice, dramaturgy studies at Sorbonne and physical theatre at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

She is the co-founder of RemoteControl and Cut Tongues with whom she made radical and visual interdisciplinary work. She is also in an ongoing collaboration with the London based visual artist Nadine Shaban, exploring the relationship between sculpture, its materials and the body.

She is fascinated by structures, the fragility of gestures and contradictions. Her work is often driven towards a formless nature, fragmented, in love with digression and immersive.


SILJE LINDBERG is a Norwegian performer and creative producer. She graduate of North University in Theatre Production and Acting in Verdal (NO) and she trained at Ècole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She has been teaching theatre at North University and Forstudium Teater in Oslo, with a focus on movement and physical composition. Lindberg is also the co-artistic director of the literature festival God Natt, Oslo, for the two editions 2020/21.

She works as a freelance actor in film and performance and she received the artistic grant for young actors from Arts Council Norway in 2018/20/21.

She is one of the founders of the artists collective Liavaag/Lindberg, beside engaging as a performer she play the role of the main creative producer of the company, helping raw ideas to become reality.


CHRISTINE RYDNAK received training from Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts in Pennsylvania, and various private studios in New York City. She has worked in film and theater in NYC and regionally across the US.

After finishing her studies at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, she founded the international theatre company RemoteControl. She is now working in film, theatre, as a voiceover artist and as a theatre educator for children in Paris. She is one of the producers of the Paris Fringe Festival, now in its third year.


NIKOLAI LIEBLEIN RØSÆG is an architect and a scenographer working at the intersection of performing art, visual art and architecture. He holds a masters degree in architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and from the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture (KADK).

Liebleins work focuses on site interactions, experiences of specific spaces, and material investigations. He uses architecture as a tool in interdisciplinary collaborations that explores and discuss place as a geographical, cultural and social space. He works through a theoretical, intuitive and exploratory process with surroundings, materials and drawing, which are translated into visual expressions, distinctive spatialities and sculptural forms. Nikolai is part of the international artistic collective Liavaag/Lindberg. He is also a co-founder of the architecture collective KLUBBKONTOR, and practices as an architect at SKAJAA Architecture office.

History of the collective

Liavaag/Lindberg is born from the meeting between Ingrid Liavaag and Silje Lindberg in 2015. MELP - people are made of porcelain, is their first performance, which premiered at Bærum Kunsthall in Oslo in 2017. The piece was made in collaboration with visual artist Vigdis Storsveen and marked the beginning of the multidisciplinary performative language of the company.

The unique language of the company was brought forward by Ingrid Liavaag's desire to adapt theatrical methodologies to develop audio-visual works. Liavaag's journey as a video-maker and film director started in 2017 with Fretted, performed by Petra Casale and George Finlay Ramsey. In 2018 Liavaag created the video work for the musical performance piece Munnstykke, based on interviews of 100 women presented at Ladyfest in Oslo and produced by Silje Lindberg. Ingrid Liavaag made her debut as a film director in 2020 with the short-film Fish, with Silje Lindberg and Lars Arentz-Hansen as the principal actors. Fish was presented in several international film festivals.

In 2019 Liavaag/Lindberg created the site-specific Flawed Product (Feilvare) a performance in the Norwegian supermarket chain REMA 1000. The performance, directed by Ingrid Liavaag and in collaboration with Silje Lindberg, Oda Aunan, Petra Casale and Cecilie Solberg Knudsrød, is a mosaic of ordinary people in the middle of various crises presented through a cinematic lens. It was produced with Rosendal Teater and toured with Turneteater in 2019 and Østfold Internasjonale Teater in 2021.

With Sea Me! the collective undertakes a new challenge and adventure: to create a poetic dialogue with children. Sea Me! is a hybrid project between an immersive performance and a sensorial installation that questions the origin of life through the metaphor of the sea. The performance is directed by Petra Casale, performed by Silje Lindberg and Christine Ryndak, and made in collaboration with the French visual artist Roxane Marquant. Sea Me! premiered at Koreda Dans Festival in October 2021.

In the meantime, Liavaag continues the investigation of the relationship between private and public with two video performances and installations - KNOTS and Nuclear Family, both made in collaboration with Christine Ryndak, her husband Julien Marcland and their two children Enora and Paul. Nuclear Family was presented in the Parisian art gallery The Window and KNOTS premiered at KHIO in 2021.

In June 2021 the company curated I AM UNDONE a new and innovative process-oriented event for the performing arts in Oslo, presented at SALT art & music. They are in the process to organise a future edition for 2022.

In 2019 Liavaag/Lindberg starts a new creative partnership with the international, physical theatre company RemoteControl. Sharing the same ethos, the two companies merged into one single organism.

Ingrid Liavaag met Petra Casale and Christine Ryndak during their studies at Jacques Lecoq school. They co-founded, together with Emily Wachter, RemoteControl Theatre (2013). They devised La Donna è Mobile, a physical performance about women and hysteria, nominated for Total Theatre Award, Edinburgh 2013, winner of the Wildfire Critics’ choice Award, Ignite Festival and shortlisted for the most exciting emerging company of 2013. Project HaHa was their second performance, a manic exploration of the desire to be happy in modern society for which the company won the Incoming Bursary from New Diorama Theatre, London, in 2014.

Nikolai Lieblein Røsæg, after a previous collaboration with Liavaag/Lindberg for MELP (2017) and the pre-project of Flawed Product (2018), in 2021 leads the art and scenography department of KNOTS. He is now a precious member of the collective.

The addition of Petra Casale, Christine Ryndak and Nikolai Lieblein Røsæg to Liavaag/Lindberg begins a new era for the company, now an international collective of artists - under the name LiLi Re - a house for different voices with one vision - the development of multiform projects.